Dear Leaders and Partners,

I entered high school in the midst of the 2016 Presidential Election, a time when teachers and students alike were not hesitant to express strong opinions towards both candidates. The passion with which high school students, not yet allowed to vote, took political stances was remarkable and frankly, intimidating.


It quickly became apparent that there was no medium through which we could express political beliefs. The voting system conditions us to believe that teens do not hold valid opinions until we reach the arbitrarily set age of 18. Instead, any desire for change should be pent up and stored until adulthood.


The California Youth Politics Association was founded as a firm refutation to that notion. Through leadership opportunities, civic education, and community service, YPA members strive to make an impact, regardless of their youth.


The first months of our organization have been a testament to the potential of teen leadership. We are dedicated to our communities and the positive change that we will produce. On behalf of the California YPA leadership team, I hope you will cast a vote of confidence to Generation Z and join us on our journey.


Ted Chai


Mission Statement

Youth Politics Association aims to inspire leadership in the next generation of Americans through civic activism.

Main Focuses:

  • Political Conferences

  • Community Service

  • Educational Programs

  • Awards & Recognition

  • Leadership Experience

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