California Youth Politics Association is honored to partner with a wide variety of political organizations, nonprofits, and educational institutions. Together, we provide opportunities for members to develop a passion for civic service. Our partners make it possible to offer internships, host guest speakers, and coordinate events. 

Please contact Ted Chai with any questions about partnership or sponsorship opportunities.

California Youth Politics Association is nonprofit and nonpartisan. We welcome partnerships with a wide range of organizations, whether political, business or nonprofit. Contact us to see how YPA can work to accommodate a partnership with your organization.


Sponsorships make it possible to fund the awards programs California YPA offers. Financial support goes directly to organization activities and programs. These generous donations allow us to further our mission of inspiring civic service.


California YPA aims to hold a large variety of events with our partners.

Examples include:

  • Guest Speakers

  • Community Service/Volunteer

  • Workshops

  • Conferences

  • Town Halls


Are you a community leader? Our members would love to meet you! Inspire future leaders by accepting a meeting to discuss your goals and values. Through these interactions, you will begin to see how YPA members are primed to make an impact.

Mentorship Program

California YPA is piloting a new mentorship program to connect high school students and community leaders. The program is an opportunity to share your expertise with a small group of 2-4 dedicated students. YPA members will receive valuable career and life advise, as well as learn from your experience serving the community.

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