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Once your chapter is approved, you will receive a chapter number and our chapter management handbook.

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Due to the large volume of new chapter requests, CAYPA is not currently accepting local chapter charter applications.


We apologize for the inconvenience, and the CAYPA team is working hard to streamline the logistical process for all new chapter applications.

Thank you for your enthusiasm for youth advocacy. 


Q: Who can start a YPA chapter?

A: Any registered member can apply to start a YPA chapter.

Q: Are YPA chapters required to have a school adviser?

A: No, California YPA does not have any adviser requirements. School adviser rules are subject to each school district.

Q: Do YPA chapters have to be affiliated with a school?

A: No, chapters can be organized on the city or county level without affiliation with any school.

Q: Are chapters required to pay membership dues or registration fees?

A: No, California YPA does not charge any dues or fees.

Q: How long will it take for my new chapter to be approved?

A: California YPA will send a confirmation email to approved chapters within 3 days of the application. 

Not from California? Email and we will help to set up a YPA chapter in your state.

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